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by:Zhenyu      2020-10-30
Set up cross combination line module

cross combination line module is made up by a . Straight line gear coupling has several name: linear module, rectangular coordinate robot, such as wire slide governance, is the straight line guide

rail automatic upgrade, ball screw linear actuator unit. Can be realized through the combination of each unit load curves of straight line movement, is a light load automation more spirit

live, the more accurate positioning. Straight line module market positioning in the photovoltaic equipment, manipulator, cutting equipment, coating equipment, SMT equipment, etc.

cross combination of within the professional, also called rectangular coordinate robot, it is the Y axis is fixed, the X axis with the Y axis slide movement, scope of work for the XY plane, relatively large load,

accuracy is higher, the cantilever 'suggest the length less than 400 mm, the two axis linear module built rectangular coordinate robot involves the following

location accuracy:

1. Y axis parallel with linear guide. Y axis module through the lock, the positioning pin and the bottom assembly time playing table set the linear guide and parallel.

2. X axis and Y axis perpendicularity use marble set square, will be one square edge is placed parallel to the Y axis, the X axis sliding table lock dial indicator, move the X slider to initial a

, and then move the Y axis, make sure that the marble square edge parallel to the Y axis, marble, and then move the X axis module, fat - table to play another Square edge, adjust the X axis.

3. If X axis parallelism and installation platform, platform good rigidity, directly with a dial indicator to install on the X-axis sliding plane and is directly in the standard of marble flat

the stage play table into the test. Cross combination of is suitable for the plane two-dimensional workpiece handling, transfer, routes and other applications.

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