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Synchronous belt module handbook _ screw slide module which good _ simple linear slide mute

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-30
There are many ways to classify the performance of the linear positioning electric drill speed reducer, such as ball screw, belt and gear rack system, but the term may be confusing. Two common terminology, accuracy and repeatability, usually can be used interchangeably. When someone said that the ball screw is very accurate, they could really means it is repeatable. In fact, is not relevant to the accuracy and repeatability. System can be very accurate but not repeatable, and vice versa. This is the difference. 。 。 。 。 。


the accuracy of the formal definition is & other; Measurement, calculation, or specification conforms to the right or the extent of the known values or standards. ” For linear drive system, this can be understood as the final location of the matching degree of the location of the command. So if we ordered the gear and rack system March 535 mm, its accuracy depends on its 535 mm proximity of the movement. But it has more accurate? It depends on you can accept the number of errors. If the application allows 535 mm± The result of 2 mm, as long as the ball screw position between 533 and 537 mm, can be considered to be accurate.

accuracy by mechanical factors, such as clearance, & other; Winding & throughout; ( Insufficient torsional rigidity) And bending parts. In terms of electrical, the bandwidth of the control system and measuring system ( The encoder or rotating transformer) Resolution may also affect the movement precision of the drive, because these components are responsible for the command, read and correct the actual location of the drive. System.


repeatability is driving mechanism under the condition of the same ability to return to the same position for many times. Repeatability can be defined as a one-way, of which the points are always close to from the same direction, or both ways, which can be from either direction is close to that point. Unlike accuracy, some subjective accuracy depends on the application requirements, repeatability is absolute value. For example, ball screw can be described as a repeatable to & plusmn; 10 microns. As system can accurately but not repeatable, it can also be repeated but not accurate. For example, if the specified movement is 535 mm± 2 mm, and the system is always in the attempts to move up to 537. 5 mm, then it is repeatable, but not accurate.

factors influencing the repeatability of the major in the mechanical structure of the drive system: the rack and pinion system backlash lead deviation or ball screw thread. System changes will also affect the repeatability, such as the temperature fluctuations caused by expansion or contraction of components. Drive amplifier and control can be used in the programming for accuracy, but usually not repetitive.

the accuracy and repeatability: an example

for an example of a real world, let us consider a basketball player. If a player correctly, he will always put the ball close to the basket. If his shot is repeatable, he will always be shooting in the same location ( Hope that in the basket) 。 Good players can hit the ball - correctly And can be repeated I do this all the time.

terms & other; Precision & throughout; Is often used to describe a linear system. Precision is more suitable for the measuring system, however, which it refers to the same number or theme of change between the repeated measurements. When the linear planetary gear motor system for reference, however, can reasonably assume that means that the repeatability accuracy, although technically it is not the correct term.

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