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Synchronous belt module selection _ screw slide module _ simple linear slider stroke adjustment

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-30
Automated mechanical arm according to the power source can be divided into hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, can also according to need three mixed compound drive system. Next, small make up for your detailed introduction:

& emsp;   1, hydraulic drive has big power, the inertia big, fast response, easy to implement direct drive and other characteristics, suitable for large carrying energy, explosion-proof environment work automated mechanical arm.

    2, with speed, pneumatic drive system has simple structure, easy maintenance low prices, suitable for small and medium load in the system. Difficult to realize servo control, more automated mechanical arm for program control, applied in the automation and stamping mechanical arm up and down.

    3, electric drive, with low inertia, dc servo planetary gear motor and servo drive the wide application of this kind of drive system a lot, bai in large range.

    Automated mechanical arm should be how to choose the drive system? Next is the automation of mechanical arm drive system scheme is introduced:

& emsp;   1, material use limited point control of the process control automation mechanical arm, hydraulic drive in heavy load, medium load can choose electric drive systems, light load can choose pneumatic driving system. Stamping automation mechanical arm use pneumatic drive system.

    2, used in spot welding, arc welding and automation mechanical arm, spraying operations required with arbitrary point and the trajectory control function, need to adopt servo drive system, driven by hydraulic or electric drive system can meet the requirements.

    Above the automated mechanical arm should be how to choose the small make up of driving system is introduced here, hope to be of help, if there are other questions, welcome to inquire.

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