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Synchronous belt type linear module sliding table

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-30
planetary gear motor, also called linear module is often used in industrial production of linear motion unit, its driving mode usually has two kinds, one kind is ball screw drive, is a kind of synchronous belt ( The belt) Transmission. Ball screw transmission mode is characterized by repeated positioning accuracy is higher, and load are compared commonly big, in the industrial production is usually applied to precision have certain requirements of the production process. Ball screw transmission in the process of selection, ball screw transmission in the selection process should pay attention to the selection of screw lead, this is usually based on factors such as load, speed, torque to determine. Ball screw linear module in use process should pay attention to screw the maintenance, usually exercise after a short distance to clean up the dirt and grease of replacement in a timely manner. Synchronous belt transmission mode is characterized by rapid movement, usually the fastest speed can reach 1 m - 2 m/s, and the effective stroke the longest can reach 3. 5 m or more, and the ball screw module travel no more than 1. 5m。 Synchronous belt linear module in the process of running accuracy is relatively low and load is generally small. Synchronous belt linear module ontology Zhong Ling relatively light, and the price is relatively cheap, is also widely used in the process of industrial production.

synchronous belt type linear module is mainly composed of: belt, linear guide, aluminum alloy profile, coupling, planetary gear motor, photoelectric switch, etc.

synchronous belt type linear module working principle is: belt installed in a on both sides of the drive shaft, which as a power input shaft, the fixed a block on the belt to increase equipment artifacts slider. When have input, through the drive belt and make the slider movement. Through specific synchronous belt type linear module design, in the side can control the elastic belt movement, convenient debugging of equipment in the production process. Synchronous belt type linear module can choose according to the needs of different load increase rigidity guide to improve the linear module of rigidity. Linear gear coupling of different specification, different load limit. The precision of the synchronous belt type linear module depends on the quality of the belt and the combination of machining process, the control of the power input to influence its precision at the same time will be.
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