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Tahoe Hybrid gets nod for efficiency

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-15
Large SUVs have long been the target of some environmental activists, but one of them has made 2010 green cars among the top 10. It\'s the Texas-built, full-
Chevrolet Lake Tahoe hybrid with plenty of room for family and luggage but offers the same city gas mileage as a 4-wheel drive
Honda Accord or Toyota Camry\'s cylinder.
The Lake Tahoe hybrid is assembled at the General Motors factory in Arlington with two siblings: Gasoline
The electric hybrid version of GMC Yukon and Cadillac Adelaide.
There are rear areas in Lake Tahoe and Yukonor four-
The EPA city level for wheel drive is 21 mpg and the highway level is 22 mpg-
This is not bad for such a large, pulling vehicle.
We tested the 2010 Tahoe hybrid for $50,455 (
$950 plus shipping)for the rear-
Driving Mode for four cars and $53,525wheel drive.
The price of the Yukon is similar to that of Lake Tahoe, but the equipment in Adelaide is better and more expensive (
Reserve price $73,425 plus $950 shipping)
Low fuel economy-
20 city/21 highway.
These breakthrough sports utility vehicles, and their gasoline.
Only versions built at the General Motors factory in Arlington.
Our testers are four. wheel-
Drive version of Tahoe Hybrid (as they all do)
There are three rows of seats for up to eight passengers. The 21-
The mpg rating for city driving is up 50% compared to regular gasoline
Only the versions of these large SUVs.
It is also equipped with many four-
Cylinder engines including Mazda 6, Hyundai Sonata, Volkswagen Passat and Dodge Avengers. With V-
The power versions of six popular home sedans such as Tahoe, Yukon and Escalade actually have better urban fuel economy. The V-
Camry and the accord have a 19-
Mpg city rating, fusion is 18 mpg and Mazda6 17 cities.
GM says the overall fuel economy of hybrid cars is about 30% higher than similar gasoline models.
Of GM\'s three models, there are two.
Includes 6 mode hybrid systems. 0-liter V-
Engine equipped with General Motors active fuel management system.
It is designed to cut off four cylinders while cruising on the highway.
Power is delivered through a continuously variable automatic transmission.
In our test, the cylinder of Lake Tahoe
The deactivated system is automatically engaged in flat and slightly downhill, and the cruise control is set to 70 mph.
The indicator on the dashboard shows when the engine is in four-cylinder mode.
Any slight upward tilt will bring the engine back to eight cylinders.
This system is also used for gasoline-
There are only 5 models in Lake Tahoe and Yukon. 3-liter V-
8 engines that make their EPA highway class up to 21 miles (two-wheel drive).
Although the cylinder cut system does not start at low speed, the motor is in this case to improve fuel economy, especially when parkingand-City traffic.
Except for fuel-Save gasoline
Electric devices, these hybrids can operate at low speeds, just like Toyota Prius and other similar hybrids (
Like the new Ford Fusion).
Like other hybrid cars, the gasoline engine stops when the vehicle is stopped, such as a red light.
When the gasoline engine is automatically activated, Lake Tahoe/Yukon/kailade can only be started using an electric motor until about 30 miles/hour.
However, this can only happen if there is a slight pressure on the accelerator pedal.
There is a lot of pressure on the accelerator at startup-
The gasoline engine started immediately.
It is difficult to drive on the motor for a long time, but we are able to apply gentle pressure on the accelerator when starting.
It\'s like driving a golf cart, though it\'s big and heavy.
The second mode of the Lake Tahoe hybrid system starts at the passing speed.
The electric motor then starts and adds power to the vehicle, helping to save fuel.
General Motors says power will also help the engine during the towing of the trailer.
During the deceleration process, when the fuel is automatically turned off, the hybrid battery pack uses so-
Called regenerative braking
These large SUV hybrids are perfect for tugs, campers and trailers, all of which are popular with Texas drivers.
The car body and interior design of the Tahoe Hybrid are the same as gasoline
Only the corresponding version that was last redesigned for 2007 (
And the Yukon and the Escalade).
Through redesign, Lake Tahoe and Yukon are the first to break 20-
Mpg barrier for highway fuel economy, use 5. 3-
Turn off the engine and cylinder-off system.
The vehicles were built on the GM 900 car architecture, which also features a new generation of Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra lightduty, full-size pickups.
Features include a fully boxed steel frame, a coil-over-
Front suspension, rack-and-
Power steering for small gears and interior for cars.
But while they are the trucks below, they have the feeling of high-end cars, especially inside, where passengers can ride comfortably and have a lot of entertainment options.
The wide front and rear tracks of Lake Tahoe are designed to improve control and reduce the center of gravity.
For the sake of safety, all models are equipped with 360-of the GM-Degree crew
Protection and collision
Includes electronic stability control with rollover mitigation and head-
Curtain side airbags for all three rows of seats.
The hybrid system works together.
Developed by GM, BMW and BMW.
It is designed for gasoline or diesel engines;
Although GM still insists on using gasoline engines.
There are two motors in the automatic transmission.
The computer controller determines which driving mode is correct based on the slope of the road, the load of the vehicle and the driving style of the operator.
GM said that the four fixed gears in the transmission \"are similar to the traditional automatic transmission, which increases torque.
Unlike conventional continuous variable transmissions, the universal gearbox does not have a mechanical belt or belt.
GM says the shift is synchronized, which makes the acceleration very smooth.
One motor inside the transmission is used to drive, and the other is used to power the accessory.
The second motor is also used as a generator and also as a starter for a gasoline engine.
Other electric systems for electric motors and vehicles from 300-volt nickel-metal-
Hydrogen battery pack under the rear floor.
The converter is used to reduce voltage to run 12-
Voltage systems such as electric lights, radios and air conditioners.
The charging of the battery pack is done when the vehicle slows down or the gasoline engine is running, so there is no need to plug in the external AC power supply.
Lake Tahoe is pretty good-
Power window/rearview mirror/door lock (with remote)and a six-
Power of driver seat.
Seats in front of the bucket and three-
Passenger, 60/40-
The second row of folding is genuine leather.
There is space for three people in both backseats;
Even adults can sit in the third row, although access is easier for children.
Other standard facilities include 3-
Regional automatic climate control, power-
Adjustable pedal, touch
Screen navigation system with backup camera and Bose advanced audio system with XM Radio and compactdisc player.
The navigation system also includes the announcement of traffic links.
Ups along the way.
This is a bit surprising though, as there is no indication that it has been turned on before giving a traffic consultation.
It even warned the construction Lane in front of it to close.
The system is designed to be combined with highway traffic in most big cities
Management System.
Other standard features include cruise control, 115-
Volt power outlet, universal garage opener, automatic
Dimming rearview mirror, turning
Signal indicator in the heated external rearview mirror, Bluetooth phone connection, ultrasonic rear parking assist, 18-inch aluminum-
Alloy wheels, remote start, heating front seats and drivers-
Information Center.
The OnStar system for GM is standard and offers turnsby-
Turn to navigation, although this has been done through the built-in-in nav system.
All other OnStar features are there, though, including auto crash reporting and locking-out service. A heavy-duty trailer-
Including the traction package;
It allows Lake Tahoe to pull a trailer weighing 6,200 pounds.
Sun/entertainment/destination packages are included with our testers (
$1,940 with discount)
It adds a rear DVD entertainment system, a power supply
The year of XM Satellite Broadcasting Service.
We also bought $395 in ruby red paint.
We have a total price of $56,810 for shipping and selected vehicles. $56,810.
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