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tesla model 3 pitched as an \'affordable\' electric car

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-25
Tesla has released.
Electric vehicles-type 3its lowest-
Vehicle cost to date.
Price and scope of five-
The car will attract more new customers and will also increase interest in other electric vehicles.
Chief executive Elon Musk said his goal is to produce about 500,000 cars a year once production runs at full speed.
Within a day after the launch, Musk tweeted that there were already 180,000 cars before the launch. ordered.
If the average price finally reaches $42,000, he added (£29,500)
That\'s $7. 5bn in one day. The California-
S. -based companies need this vehicle to prove it is popular in business, although
When the car is released, the order for Model 3 does not necessarily translate all into actual sales.
The initial delivery of the vehicle is scheduled to begin at the end of 2017 and can be ordered in advance in dozens of countries including the UK, Ireland, Brazil, India, China and New Zealand.
Basic models start at $35,000 (£24,423)
At least 215 miles (346km)per charge.
Tesla delivered 50,580 cars last year.
Most of them are its S-sedan, which goes beyond Nissan\'s Leaf and becomes the best-selling pure-
Electric cars.
But the company still has a net loss of $889 (£620m)
2015, in part because the company spent $718 on R & D during this period.
It left Tesla with a $1 cash reserve.
2bn, below $1.
9bn a year ago
\"People have long had questions about Tesla\'s long-term viability,\" commented Jessica Caldwell, an industry analyst at Edmunds, a car research site.
\"Niche products like Model S and Model X do not meet any sales targets that maintain their business.
\"So, launching something that it hopes will be high --
The volume vehicle will show if it can become a full vehicle.
Mature car companies that will succeed in the long term
Terms, not terms that pump out some cool cars and then go bankrupt as we see other electric cars starting up --
Ups like Fisker.
Read in detail: is the electric car about to go mainstream?
Three electric vehicles were recalled in montron Musk: \"We have to make an affordable car . \" Other details about Model 3 include: Musk added that the car should feel more spacious for passengers compared to similar models. sized petrol-
Since Tesla can make design decisions without using an internal combustion engine, based on the car.
\"You sit a little further,\" he explained . \".
\"That\'s why you have the legroom for five adults.
The back roof is actually a continuous piece of glass.
\"The reason this is great is because it gives you an amazing sense of openness.
So, so far, it has the best spaciousness in a car of this size.
\"In a scenario where smartphones are released more often than cars, hundreds of people lined up outside Tesla stores in the United States to try to secure the first batch of Model 3.
They had to pay a deposit of $1,000 to book the car before they saw it.
The company also started accepting online orders an hour before the start of the press conference.
Musk said at the end of the speech that Tesla has received more than 115,000 orders.
The move will help the company avoid competition from other similar companies --
Electric vehicles, including GM\'s Chevrolet Bolt and BYD\'s Qin ev300, will take the lead.
Part of the incentive for early commitment is that once the company sells 7,500 cars in the country, the $200,000 tax credit provided to US buyers will be canceled.
\"If you look at the US car market, the average purchase price is about $33,000, close to the target of Model 3,\" MS Caldwell said . \".
\"So, it\'s not that pie anymore --in-the-
The dream car in the sky and what the average person can afford.
\"That\'s why people are
The traditional Tesla market
Places outside San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles-
Why are we seeing queues in places like Houston and Arizona.
\"You can call it the Kickstarter event for Tesla.
At tonight\'s event, computers were prepared for people to put their cash into the vault of Elon Musk to fund the Model 3 project.
One of them is 16 years old. year-
Old Adam Metcalfe and his father were there, and he deposited a deposit for his first car, which was \"all the allowances I had \".
Adam hopes to be able to enter the driving seat when it is released at the end of next year.
Keep in mind that even if the government subsidizes the headline price of $35,000, he needs a serious allowance.
If Adam can\'t go that far, his deposit will be refunded.
It makes you curious.
Pre of 115,000-how manyorders (and counting)
Will it become actual sales?
Like I said, it\'s like a crowdfunding ad on Kickstarter.
You\'re not sure if the final product will be as successful as promised at launch.
There is no doubt that Musk needs to sell Model 3 in large quantities.
While waiting in line to get on the bus, I spoke to the general manager of a major European investment bank who did not want to be named.
He said the odd rocket
Of course, make Musk a popular figure, but the patience quickly disappears.
Investors demand profits this year
Musk said he could deliver the goods. Price:$37,500 (£26,100)
Tax credits are not included.
We didn\'t have it outside at launch.
Miles: More than 200 miles (322km)
Full charge.
Power supply: 60 kWh lithium-ion battery.
It takes 9 hours to fully charge, or 1 hour to quickly charge up to 80%
Available charger station: late 2016. Price:$42,400 (£29,500)
Tax credits are not included.
The UK is worth £ 30,980, including VAT, but not government funding. Range:80-100 miles (128km-159km)
Full charge-
Up to 150 miles if gasoline is used
Additional features based on \"range extender\"on.
Power supply: 22kWh lithium-ion battery.
It takes 3 hours and 30 minutes to fully charge, or 30 minutes to quickly charge 80%Charger stationAvailable:Now. Price: $34,200 (£23,800)
Tax credits are not included.
The UK is worth £ 29,490, including VAT, but not government funding. Range: 107-155 miles (172-249km)
Full charge.
Power supply: 30kWh lithium-ion battery.
It takes 6 hours to fully charge, or 30 minutes to quickly charge 80%Charger stationAvailable: Now. Price: $57,500 (£40,020)
Tax credits are not included.
The UK is worth £ 66,000, including VAT, but not government funding.
Mileage: 312 miles.
Power: hydrogen-
At the gas station, two tanks can refuel in five minutes. Available: Now. Price: $28,995(£20,185)
Tax credits are not included.
In the UK, the value-added tax is 31,650, excluding government funding.
Miles: 83 miles (134km)
Full charge. Battery: 24. 2kWh lithium-ion battery.
It takes 8 hours to fully charge and 4 hours if optional 7 is used. 2KWH quick-
Charger and can quickly charge 80% in 30 minutesCharger stationAvailable: Now.
Price: £ 25,545 including battery, £ 20,545 excluding battery if battery hire plan is selected
Both include VAT, but not government subsidies.
Not in America.
Miles: 130 miles (209km)
Full charge.
Power supply: 22kWh lithium-ion battery.
Fully Charged takes four hours and can quickly charge up to 80% in 30 minutesCharger station
Available: Current price: 260,000 yuan ($40,300; £28,050)
Excluding subsidies
There are no details about China\'s overseas launch plan.
Miles: 186 miles (300km)
Full charge.
Battery: lithium at 48 KW-ion battery.
Unknown charging time.
Available: details will be given at the Beijing auto show in April.
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