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the difference between parallel hybrid cars & series hybrid cars

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-14
Hybrid cars-HEVs--
Power internal combustion engines with electric motors provide more eco-friendly power
Friendly driving experience.
Hybrid cars are classified according to their power system or type of power system, which determines how engines and motors jointly power the car.
Parallel and tandem hybrids represent both ends of the spectrum, and there are several key differences between these two hybrid systems.
While the combined and in-series hybrids have gasoline engines, motors, rechargeable batteries, inverters, and transmissions, they are configured differently.
According to the hybrid center, the series hybrid engine is smaller than the parallel hybrid engine, while the motor and battery are larger.
The series hybrid is characterized by an independent generator connected to the engine.
In the parallel hybrid power system, the motor acts as a generator.
In a series hybrid, the gasoline engine is not directly coupled with the wheel, but is in a parallel hybrid.
In a parallel hybrid, the motor works with the internal combustion engine to power the vehicle.
According to US media reportsS.
Department of Energy (DOE)
The gasoline engine and motor are all connected to the transmission.
The power generated pushes the car when the fuel reaches the engine or turns on the motor.
The controller in the transmission decides when to operate the motor and when to switch to the gasoline engine.
In a series of hybrids, the motor is the only responsibility for turning the wheel of the vehicle.
According to the hybrid center, the electric motor is charged by a battery pack or generator, which is powered by a gasoline engine.
The gasoline engine in a series hybrid is not coupled with the wheel and does not directly power the car.
The controller in the transmission determines the power required to push the vehicle and whether to pull the vehicle from the battery or the generator.
The parallel and series hybrid regenerative braking system has a regenerative braking system, which not only slows down the speed of the car, but also charges the battery.
According to the United States, in the regenerative braking system, the motor helps slow down the speed of the car when you step on the brakesS.
Department of Energy.
The energy released from the wheel makes the motor turn and the motor acts as a generator and sends the power back to the battery.
The efficiency of the Cascade and tandem hybrids varies depending on the driving conditions.
According to the hybrid center, the composition of the parallel hybrid vehicles makes them more effective for highway driving at higher and more constant speeds.
On the contrary, the series of hybrids are more effective in driving in cities because their drive system structure reduces the pressure of the engine at the time of parkingand-
Driving situation.
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