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the electric motor and its applications

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-06
Considering that the industrial application of electric motors has made very rapid progress in the past six years, the appearance of this beautiful volume provides the latest information on this topic, very timely.
Although it is a bit popular in style, it is a popular addition to the library of Electrical Engineers.
Those who are accustomed only to the slow and stable development of the old world industry have difficulty understanding the revolution brought about by employment, especially in small workshops and factories, electric motors that replace steam-engines or gas-engines.
They won because although the actual cost of electricity is not cheap, the cost of the motor is less than the cost of steamengine or gas-engine.
Less trouble.
Some keep order, take up less space, run at a more uniform speed, and be cleaner.
So what do thousands of people want to know? literally—
An invention is popular in New England, not ridiculed, because it is new.
Nowadays, the adoption of electric motor suppliers in planetary gear motor industry is quite common.
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