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The size of the stepping motor _ manipulator with stepper motor manufacturers

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-26
To make up for the traditional constant current chopper stepper motor drive circuit of high power tube flow and overtemperature protection levels, caused by the end of the direct coupling between the limitation of water the destroyed high-power tube, in the development of economy in the process of grinding CNC system developed a practical step planetary gear motor drive circuit.

the method & ndash; — Temperature switch circuit to detect high power tube shell temperature, using sampling resistance of each phase winding of the stepper motor current in real time measurement, by Schmitt trigger control driving circuit of large power tube control high voltage high power tube by using the way of transformer coupled conduction and deadline.

'fruit & ndash; — Effectively avoid the level at the end of the high power tube burnt due to overheating and over current, at the same time avoid the top level driving circuit ( DC) By adjusting the parameters of the circuit can drive 75 bf003 & ndash; 30 bf003 four types of three phase six reactive stepping motor, high running frequency up to 5 000 steps per minute.

conclusion & ndash; — Using this circuit as the drive power of grinder CNC system in bearing factory of northwest China, completely solve the stepper motor drive power supply to every summer frequently burning question.

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