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The stepping motor drive using _ reduction principle of stepper motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-24
Linear stepper planetary gear motor is also known as linear stepper motor or screw stepper motor. Mesh USES screw and nut, the adoption of a certain method to prevent the relative rotation, nut screw axial movement. This greatly simplifies the design and make linear stepper motors in many applications to achieve precise without the need for external mechanical connection linear motion.

according to the application requirements, we produce the two linear stepper motor, namely through the linear planetary gear motor, the external driven by linear motor. Flange dimensions on,28,35,42,57 20 mm, can lead to 2 mm - -- 10 mm, outside the shaft length is 100 mm 280 mm by 100 - axial length 200 mm can be customized.

professional technical engineers can design according to customer's mechanical and electrical requirements to provide appropriate solutions of linear stepper motor, and cooperate to complete the installation of the related products, test, and the corresponding operation training.

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