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toyota restates hybrid goals

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-16
Those who have always wanted to have more options in mixed gasoline --
News from Toyota in Japan has been hotly debated about electric vehicles.
Hybrid versions of all models are planned to be available by 2012. Wrong.
Dave Hemans, chief engineer in environmental engineering at Toyota Technology Center, Torrance, USA, the company hopes to have a standardized hybrid system by 2012, can be used in any area where a decision is made to provide a hybrid car or truck.
Totally different.
Hemans said language difficulties have led to misconceptions about the remarks made by an official at Toyota engineering over overseas journalists, leading to false reports that the company is preparing to provide its sales
But there is still good news for fans of hybrid cars.
Toyota Motor Corp. is expected to announce several new hybrid vehicles, including its small RAV-
At the North American International Motor Show in Detroit on January, a sports utility vehicle was launched.
Hemans said the company\'s long term
The long-term plan is to make its hybrid system a common standard, which Toyota subsidiary produces and sells to global automakers. Nissan Motor Company
It has agreed to buy the Toyota hybrid system to add a Nissan gasoline engine to models sold in 2006.
Toyota president Zhao tengxiong has previously said the company plans to have more than 300,000 hybrid vehicles worldwide by 2005.
Toyota, which now produces the Prius hybrid, has sold more than 100,000 of five vehicles.
Since its launch in Japan at the end of 1998, the passenger car compact sedan.
The hybrid combines two types of engines, usually small gasoline or diesel internal combustion engines and motors, to provide the power of large conventional internal combustion engines with less emissions and higher fuel economy.
When additional power is required for acceleration or Hill, Toyota\'s system uses an electric motor to increase the gasoline engine
For example, climbing mountains.
When the car stops, the gasoline engine turns off and the motor provides all power at a speed of about 20 miles per hour.
The second system used by Honda Motor
In its insight
Seats and five of them.
The seat Civic hybrid model also adds a gas engine with an electric motor, but has never been fullyelectric mode.
Other automakers, including Ford Motor.
Chrysler and General Motors.
In addition, hybrid cars are also being developed and models are planned to begin to be available in the United StatesS.
Back in 2004.
Chrysler has demonstrated the concept of driving the front wheel with an electric motor and the rear wheel with a gasoline engine.
Ford is developing an integrated starter motor that allows the gas engine to shut down when it stops and restart immediately when the throttle is off;
The starting motor will also assist the gas engine at initial acceleration.
Toyota\'s strategy is to spread the cost of hybrid vehicle development to the widest possible automotive base and work with partners including Nissan to make hybrid power plants a universally accepted technology, not the niche products they see today.
Doing so will also make Toyota\'s system industry standard.
Toyota and GM have been working together to develop eco-friendly automotive technology for the past three years, but Hemans says the focus of the work is on fuel --
There is no new hybrid technology.
Opening of hydrogen fuel station near St. Francis of Sacramento
The California-based fuel cell partnership has opened its first satellite hydrogen fuel station to fuel hydrogen in the San Francisco areapowered fuel-
Partner members, including Ford, Hyundai, Toyota and Daimler Chrysler, are testing cell electric vehicles.
The station uses electricity and regular water to make hydrogen, which was manufactured and installed last month by Stuart Energy, Ontario, Canada, at an AC bus facility in Richmond.
Both AC Transit and Stuart Energy are members of the fuel
Cell Cooperation.
\"This is a key achievement of this year\'s partnership ---
Ability to extend testing-
Our fuel drive range-
Mobile vehicles outside the Sacramento area and via real-
World experience, \"said Don Hubert, chairman and chief executive of Shell hydrogen.
The hydrogen station is about 70 miles from Sacramento and can meet the daily refueling needs of small car teams at a refueling speed of 1 to 2 minutes per car.
Additional fuel satellite station
The partner plans to use mobile phones throughout California over the next few years. The fuel-
The battery partnership is expected to provide approximately 60 fuels
By 2003, cell passenger cars and buses on the road.
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