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Two phase stepper motor manufacturers _ with slow step motor applications

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-02
To reflect the value of a product and use value must be starting from the product design phase to ensure that the product functions, parameters and quality. For most of the mechanical product design in essence, the key to the following aspects:

good mechanical equipment should have the elements of how the

1, equipment basic function and the realization method of main functions meet the functional requirements;

2, the realization of the main parameters of equipment, can satisfy the demands of some function of quantitative parameters;

3, equipment of body composition or meet the needs of the organization of sport, displacement, power, temperature, flow and pressure requirements;

4, the main structure of the equipment composition and composition, meet the requirements of strength, stiffness and so on;

5, the operation of the equipment of the safety performance and environmental performance, reduce the harm to person or body;

6, equipment reliability, equipment durability and persistence;

7, equipment design and modelling, from the perspective of aesthetics and beauty;

8, equipment manufacturing costs and operating costs, reduce manufacturing cost and lower equipment prices, reduce operating costs lower the use cost of users;

9 technology, equipment manufacturing, manufacturing methods and means, associated with manufacturing process improvement and improve the design;

10, the service life of equipment, equipment for durability and persistence;

11, the necessary design calculation methods, such as the calculation method of high precision;

12, necessary experiment and test means, establish first-hand data for product trial production and test;

13, operation and use in accordance with the requirements of human body engineering;

14 after the completion of the equipment design, debugging, commissioning, after the completion of the summary and improve product design;

15, comprehensive quality control and strict design management, standardized operation process;

16, strict inspection review process design process;

17, necessary and proper design cycle, and time;

18, often to carry on the design team of technical training and reasonable design team.

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