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Type 57 stepper motor manufacturers _ encoder stepper motor applications

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-01
Step speed reducer installation area should be separated and thermal radiation. If installed in a very hot and very cold place, must have a guarantee measures of cooling and heating oil can normal boot. Installation step speed reducer of concrete foundation or metal base plate must have enough stiffness; Anchor bolt buried people have enough depth, use the gasket at ordinary times, the thickness of the gasket should not be less than 1 mm; To ensure that the stable when the load operation, not out of shape. Find a level, and in the engine, the working machine, should be separately.

a. Level accuracy is commonly 0. 02 ~ 0. 5 mm/m, the level in the body protruding horizontal plane outspread surface or surface and horizontal faces parallel processing. On the accuracy is higher, the better, want to consider the coupling of adopted for error compensation ability, the size of the tolerance, general axis Angle error should not be more than 10 & throughout; , translation error is not greater than zero. 1mm。

2. Preservatives against rust and must be cleaned on the shaft extension to install the coupling on the shaft extension, sprocket and other components. Removal of preservatives against rust and not used sandpaper, file, easy injury on the surface of the shaft with tools such as blade. Coupling, sprocket, etc should not be used heavy hammer blow, should adopt the method of heat bilges cold shrink package.

3. Drive sprocket, pulley drive on the closing force generated by the best is to install base. If a connection with hydraulic coupling with engine. Because the quality of the hydraulic coupler is larger, and start have a larger centrifugal force, should avoid to hydraulic coupling of gravity, centrifugal force all effect on the reducer shaft extension, namely hydraulic coupling should not be hung on the reducer shaft extension, and should be supported together with the engine. This shaft and bearing point does not produce additional bending.

reduction compared with ordinary gear motor, step planetary gear motor slowdown stepper motor can realize the speed and position control, ordinary gear motor is unable to realize positioning control. So, step motor reducer dislocation refers to what?

1. Stepper motor reducer dislocation is out of step:

step into losing step and step. Stepper motor is normal work, each receiving a control pulse will move a step Angle, namely further. If the continuous input control pulse, the motor is correspondingly continuous rotation. Throw step, rotor steps forward is smaller than the pulse number; The step, the rotor steps forward more than the pulse number. Steps once lost and the interval number is equal to the number of integer times operation. Step throw serious when, will make the rotor to stay in one place or around a position on the vibration, step the more serious when, drag the structure will be happened.

2. About stepper motor reducer lose step and step analysis:

type stepping motor deceleration pause is undeserved, motor inertia moment is not enough or the motion of more than self-locking force, caused by the step lost or out of step.

drive improper selection, form a complete set of drive current is small, affect the normal operation of motor, now on the market a lot of drive current virtual target, take a peak current when the rated current to fool consumers, drive selection of rated current should be greater than stepper motor reducer rated current 1. 2 - 1. 5 times.

supporting power improper selection, form a complete set of power supply should be to drive the rated power of 1. 5 - 2 times, the power qi qi is more serious than drives.

control part should eliminate interference, away from the frequency converter, anti-static.

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