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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-30
Servo motor and stepper motor's six big difference between

a, control accuracy is different:

where two-phase hybrid stepper motor step Angle is commonly 3. 6° , 1. 8° , five step away from the Angle of the hybrid stepping motor is commonly 0. 72° , 0. 36° 。 There are also some high-performance stepper motor step Angle is smaller. Jin yuan tai control precision of the ac servo motor by the motor shaft after the rotary encoder. JYT all-digital ac servo motor, for example, in line with standard 2500 encoder of the motor, drive due to the internal used four frequency multiplication technology, the pulse equivalent to 360 & deg; / 10000 = 0. 036° 。 For with 17 encoder of the motor, drive each receive 217 = 131072 pulse motor turns a circle, i. e. the pulse equivalent of 360 & deg; / 131072 = 9. In 89 seconds. Step is from Angle of 1. 8° 1/655 of the pulse equivalent of stepper motor.

2, low frequency characteristics of different:

stepper motor at low speed is easy to appear low frequency vibration phenomenon. Vibration frequency is associated with load and drive performance, it is generally believed half frequency vibration frequency for the motor no-load takeoff. This determined by the working principle of stepper motor in low frequency vibration phenomenon is very bad for the normal operation of the machine. When the stepper motor work in low speed, general damping technology should be adopted to overcome the low frequency vibration phenomenon, such as add damper on motor, or drive the segmentation technology, etc. Jin yuan tai ac servo motor running smoothly, even in the low speed also won't appear when the vibration phenomenon. Ac servo system has a resonance suppression function, can cover mechanical rigidity, and the system has the function of frequency resolution ( fft) , can detect the mechanical resonance point, is advantageous for the system adjustment.

the torque-speed characteristic in three, different:

stepper motor's output torque increases with speed decreases, and at a high speed when they fell sharply, so its high working speed is in commonly 300 ~ 600 RPM. Ac servo motor for constant torque output, that is, in its rated speed ( General is 2000 RPM and 3000 RPM) Less than, can be rated output torque, in for a constant power output above the rated speed.

4, overload ability different

step motor is generally not have overload ability. Ac servo motor has a strong ability of overload. Jin yuan tai ac servo system, for example, it has the speed overload and torque overload capacity. Its big three times of the rated torque, torque can be used to overcome inertia load at startup moments of inertia moment. Jin yuan tai stepper motor because there is no this kind of overload capacity, in the selection in order to overcome the inertia moment, often need to select a larger torque of the planetary gear motor, and the machine during the normal work and don't need that big torque, there is a moment of waste phenomenon.

5, different running performance:

jin yuan tai stepper motor control for the open loop control, start frequency is too high or too much load step easy appear lost or blocked, stops frequently occur high speed overshoot phenomenon, so as to ensure the control accuracy, should handle the ascending and descending speed problem. Ac servo drive system for closed-loop control, the actuator can be directly to the motor encoder feedback signal sampling, internal position loop and speed loop, general won't appear step motor lose step or overshoot phenomenon, more reliable control performance.

6, different speed response performance:

jin yuan tai stepper motor to accelerate from 0 to speed ( Generally for a few hundred revolutions per minute) Need to 200 ~ 400 milliseconds. Acceleration of the ac servo system is better, to jin yuan tai series 80, 750 w ac servo motor for example, from static accelerated to the rated speed 3000 RPM it takes only a few milliseconds, can be used for quick start-stop control occasions. To sum up, the ac servo system in many performance is better than the stepping motor. But in some occasion not high demand also often use stepper motor to do perform motor. So, in the process of the design of the control system to a comprehensive, with consideration of many factors such as cost control requirements, choose the proper control motors.

with the further development of intelligent manufacturing transformation, robot application scope is more and more wide, mode of production to flexible, intelligent, precise, general automatic control occasions are applied to the servo motor

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