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Type 57 stepper motor parameter _ encoder stepper motor specifications

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-03
1. The choice of the stepper motor torque stepper motor holding torque, approximate referred to in the traditional motor & other; Power & throughout; 。 Of course, the distinction that having essence. Physical structure of stepping motor, is completely different from ac, dc motor, the output power of motor is variable. According to the need of torque size (usually To drive the torsion of size) To choose what type of motor. Roughly speaking, torsion in 0. 8 n。 M here, select 20, 28, 35, 39, 42 ( The fuselage diameter of the motor or degrees, unit: mm) ; Torsion in 1 n. M or so, the choice is 57, 60 motor is more suitable. Torsion in several N. M or more, be about to choose 86, 110, 130, and other specifications of the stepper motor.

2. Stepper motor no-load start frequency selection step motor no-load start frequency, often referred to as & other; Empty the frequency & throughout; 。 This is an indicator of the more important the choose and buy motor. If required frequent start, stop, in a flash, and, in about 1000 RPM speed ( Or higher) , usually need to & other; Accelerating & throughout; 。 Directly if you need to start the high-speed operation, had better choose reactive or permanent magnet motor. The planetary gear motor & other; Empty the frequency & throughout; Are high.

3. Step over the choice of motor speed for motor speed also want special consideration. Because, the output torque of motor, and is inversely proportional to the speed. That is to say, step motor at low speed, Several hundred revolutions per minute or less speed, the output torque is larger) In a state of high speed rotating torque ( - 1000 r/min - - - - - - 9000 RPM) Is very small. Of course, there are some conditions environment requires high speed motor, stepping motor to the coil resistance and inductance of indicators to measure. Choose the motor inductance smaller, as a high-speed motor, can obtain larger output torque. On the other hand, the requirements under the condition of low speed high torque, will choose inductance in more than a dozen or dozens of mH, resistance to a few bigger as well.

4. For step motor using the environment to choose special stepper motor can waterproof, prevent oil, used in some special occasions. The underwater robot, for example, needs to be waterproof motors. For special purpose machine, will be targeted to choose from.

5. Stepping motor phase number the number of phase step planetary gear motor selection, the content, many clients have little attention, mostly buy casually. In fact, the number of different phase planetary gear motor, working effect is different. Phase number, the more the interval Angle is small, can do the work of the vibration is relatively small. Most occasions, the use of a two-phase motor more. In the high speed large torque working environment, select the three-phase stepper motor is more practical.

6. Can according to your actual situation need special specifications, special specifications of the stepper motor, please contact us to communicate, in technology allow, within the scope of the processing order. For example, the shaft diameter, length, stretched out direction, etc. If necessary with the best manufacturers of technical engineers to further communication and confirm model

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