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Type 57 stepper motor prices _ encoder stepper motor manual

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-03
57 ds digital integrated description of low pressure servo motor:

low pressure servo motor is shenzhen Zhenyu 57 ds digital integration technology co. , LTD. Based on many years of experience in low voltage ac servo system and integration of the integration of product research and development of a new type of ac servo planetary gear motor and the integration of the low voltage ac servo drive integration products, this product USES the latest DSP digital processing chip and technology, advanced control algorithm for electric drill speed reducer manufacturers provide a cost-effective servo drive solutions. 57 ds digital integration of low pressure servo motor structure is compact, small size, and because the drive and motor integrated one, save the attachment between the drive and motor, reducing the electromagnetic interference between the lines; The more optimal vibration technology and low fever, effectively solve the problem such as fever, vibration and noise.

57 ds digital integration of low pressure servo motor characteristics:

1. 15 VDC - working voltage: dc input voltage 50 VDC, recommended operating voltage is 36 v

2. Continuous output current maximum 10. A, maximum peak current 22 a ( The overload capacity of 3 times)

3. Acceptable difference and single-ended pulse instruction/direction, has three position/speed/torque control mode

4. The FOC magnetic field orientation control technology and space vector pulse width modulation ( SVPWM) Control technology

5. Each lap pulse number by setting the debug software or pull code ( Electronic gear ratio)

6. Can choose 90 w, 130 w and 180 w brushless dc servo planetary gear motor three

7. With overvoltage, undervoltage, over current and over poor protection

8. Single/double pulse mode, the pulse effective along the optional

9. Control instruction maximum pulse frequency of 500 KHZ ( Factory defaults to 200 KHZ)

10. Pulse, the direction and enabling signal input interface level 4. 5 - 28 v compatible

11. With RS232 serial port debugging, but need to use our company special serial port debug cable

12. Performance: smooth speed, small overshoot, the tracking error is small, the motor and drive low fever

57 ds digital integration of low pressure servo planetary gear motor areas of application:

57 ds digital integrated low voltage servo motor is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized automation equipment and instruments, such as: spraying machine, small and medium-sized engraving machine, electronic processing equipment, automatic fetching equipment, CNC machine tools, packaging equipment and robots, etc. In user expectations low noise, high speed of equipment in the application effect is a plus.

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