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Type 57 stepper motor selection _ encoder stepper motor control

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-02
Stepper motor is the electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement of open loop control motor, is a modern digital process, the main components of control system, has extensive application.

stepper motor is a kind of induction motor, its working principle is the use of electronic circuit, direct current (dc) into time-sharing power supply, multiphase sequential control current, in this current for stepper motor power supply, step motor to work properly, is time-sharing power supply for step planetary gear motor drive, multiphase timing controller.

stepper motor note

1, should follow the principle of first to choose after planetary gear motor drive;

2, big moment of inertia of the load should choose the frame size motor;

step 3, step motor, had better not use the whole state, the state step vibration; under 90 RPM work, should use small current, large inductance and low voltage to drive;

4, stepper motor is applied to low speed & ndash; RPM is not more than 1000 turn, had better be in 150 - Use between 450 RPM, can through the reduction gear to make it work here, the motor work with high efficiency, low noise;

5, due to historical reasons, only a nominal for the 12 v voltage of planetary gear motor using 12 v, the other motor voltage value is not driving voltage v, can choose according to drive the driving voltage ( Stepper motor company suggestion: use dc 12 v - 42 motor 24 v motor adopts dc 24-57 36 v) 12 volts, of course, in addition to the 12 v constant voltage driver can also be driven by other power supply, but want to consider temperature rise.

6, high precision, should through the mechanical reduction, increase the speed of the motor, and fine fraction is high drive to solve, also can use 5 phase motor.

7, the motor should not work in vibration area, if must be by changing the voltage, current, or add some damping.

8, motor in the high speed and large inertia loads, generally not starting in her work, and use frequency speed gradually rise, a step motor do not break, 2 can reduce the noise at the same time can improve the positioning precision of the stop.

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