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by:Zhenyu      2020-11-03
Servo is a kind of through the use of feedback to provide the required operation, precise control of power transmission technology, therefore, is the inevitable result when using servo technology involves some type of product parts like this:

1. Power conversion electric drill speed reducer, its effect is according to the application process, the standard power for a given input side, after adjusting the converted to the required driver output, provide corresponding actuator driven mechanical load variable power supply.

2. Transport control feedback element: in order to be able to make control performance is more close to the equipment process needed to achieve the application of the index, servo system needed a feedback device instant access to the location of the application object, speed and other motion state, with the default target in real time, and then according to the size of the deviation quickly adjust its dynamic response output.

3. Power supply: for the operation of the servo system is to provide the required power supply.

4. Drive actuators: converts the variable dynamic object movement required for mechanical power, and passed to the mechanical load on the target object, thus finally driven to complete the operation of the various complex movements.

however, considering the practical application of different types of servo system on the power to choose, such as: hydraulic, pneumatic, or frequency conversion, and so on, they are involved in the product may have very different.

of course, in the use of servo drive technology, in addition to the above mentioned these high performance drive and feedback device, often also need to include: controller, input and output I/O modules, sensors, software, network, security, connectors, cables and so on, all kinds of products and technology components. It is not hard to see, this is almost a complete set of equipment control system.

in addition, as the industrial equipment intellectualized degree is higher and higher, its mechanical and electrical system are becoming more and more large, complex, all sorts of functions between various components and structure of integration and the development trend of fusion is very natural, so we saw on the market constantly emerging out of a variety of mechanical and electrical integration products, such as: drive planetary gear motor, electric displacement transfer orbit, reducing mechanical and electrical machine, etc.

control servo control technology, will to a great extent, promote the ability of the factory automation technology, will also add the power, for the life for the growth of social economy into a new stage.

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