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Type 57 stepper motor stepper motor supplier offer _ slowing

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-02
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  2019- 08 - 25 know promising a primary answer: 1. 20000 adoption rates: 27% help: 6. 21 million focus on all dc motor, for instance, such as 2113 fruit turn straight 5261 motor is only as a single polarity, 4102 positive &negative as bipolar, also said 1653 is a single polarity dc planetary gear motor coil two terminals, one end can only be positive, the other end can only be negative, bipolar planetary gear motor each terminal in a business that may is the positive may be negative. The stepping motor is similar, the two phase four-wire stepping motor is bipolar, four phase five line motor is had composed a unipolar planetary gear motor has stepped over what is your opinion of this answer? Pack up comments bjlaohui

- 2017 01 - 31 know promising A primary answer: 4753 adoption rates: 95% help: 21. 07 million focus on all explanation: A stepper motor, 2113, has A, B two winding, for & other; Two 5261 & throughout; 。

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