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uk electric motor maker expands capacity as carmakers go green

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-24
LONDON (Reuters)-
YASA, a British motor maker, said on Thursday that it would increase its production capacity from 2,000 units to 100,000 units and build a new factory to meet the growing demand for greener technology from automakers.
In order to meet the growing customer needs and air quality objectives, automakers are racing to make greener cars and shorten charging times, but the UK lacks sufficient manufacturing capacity, which the government is building
Last year, the government chose a location in central England to build a new car battery development facility that will develop the processes needed to make the latest battery progress.
YASA, based near Oxford, UK, said on Thursday it raised another £ 15 million ($21 million)
As part of its expansion.
\"Our customers want to adopt innovative new technologies such as YASA\'s axial-
To meet the needs of the fast-expanding hybrid and pure electric vehicle market, combustion-assisted motors and controllers, \"said Chris Harris, chief executive.
The company exports 80% of its production and works with companies including Jaguar Land Rover, the UK\'s two largest automakers. JLR)[TAMOJL. UL]
And Nissan and Aston Martin.
Jaguar Land Rover will decide whether to produce electric vehicles in the domestic market this year, after preparing for factors such as pilot testing and scientific and government support. requisites. (
Report by Costas Pitas;
Editor Stephen addison)
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