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Very long straight line module brand _ high precision linear module equipment _ longmen linear module principle

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
As the small make up of the linear motor manufacturer, very happy to be of help to you, about the difference between the linear motor and ball screw transmission is:

the principle of linear planetary gear motor is a kind of mechanical energy convert electrical energy directly into linear motion, without any intermediate conversion mechanism of transmission. Finish straight line motor without gear, coupling and pulley, those unnecessary, reduce performance and shorten the service life of mechanical parts removed. Linear motor than of ball screw transmission device has many unique advantages

1) High acceleration, which is compared with the ball screw driven by linear motor class drive a distinct advantage;

2) High precision linear planetary gear motor, do not need to pass intermediate conversion mechanism and directly produce linear motion, motion inertia decreases, the dynamic response performance and positioning accuracy is greatly improved;

3) Linear planetary gear motor noise is small, because the constraint of linear motor no centrifugal force, the movement has no mechanical contact, no friction and noise. Transmission parts did not wear that can greatly reduce the mechanical consumption and avoid the tow rope, wire rope, gear and belt pulley, caused by the noise, thus improve the overall efficiency;

4) Linear motor effective stroke unlimited;

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