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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
How to choose a suitable stepper motor? Next, small make up the key to explain,

choose stepper motor specifications, the most important thing is that the speed and torque of the test, the best in the selection, adjust good performance parameters, so that to avoid the problem of equipment does not match in the late. Driving voltage is higher, the better the performance of high speed equipment, calorific value also increases, the greater the size of the equipment, the coil area, the greater the number of turns of coil, the more the greater the inductance, at the time of motor in turn, alternating magnetic field will produce corresponding electric field, the higher the speed of the motor, the faster the change of the magnetic field, electric field is higher, but the direction of the electric field and drive electric field in the opposite direction, so the size bigger stepper motor to drive voltage, in order to increase the induced voltage of planetary gear motor running.

based on the actual need to choose the right of use of the kinds of stepping motor, learn more knowledge related to the stepper motor, don't trust of the dealer sales, many parameters may not be practical work values, choose high quality manufacturer, regular products, quality assurance, the difference of the material is small, the factory price is reasonable, on the market, can appear the same specifications of the stepper motor, the price there is a big difference, a lot of bad business, will lower the price of the product to achieve the purpose of sales.

step motor may not be the same as other motor, step motor cannot be directly connected to the ac and dc power supply, so we must use special equipment - Stepper motor drives. The performance of the stepper motor drive system, in addition to the performance of the motor itself, also depends largely on the drive. Therefore, stepping servo motor drives the research almost with stepper planetary gear motor synchronization. Step into the body and drive are inseparable whole, they become a stepper motor system or stepper motor unit. Since its birth, the motor has been studied with the driver, improvement and development.

( 1) Single voltage driver

since the early 1960 s, single voltage drive has been widely used in foreign countries. In the process of electric machine, use only one direction for winding the power supply voltage. Winding a series resistor in the circuit is used to improve the time constant of the circuit to improve the frequency characteristic. At the same time, it also brings the high power consumption and low efficiency of faults.

( 2) High voltage driver

high voltage and low voltage drives appeared in the late 1960 s. The circuit relies on the increase of driving power supply output voltage and current through the winding increased to increase the motor output torque. In conduction of the initial time, windings participate in the construction of the high voltage to speed up the current time, and then connect the low voltage to keep current.

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