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Very long straight line module design _ _ gantry precision linear high precision linear module module size

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
Linear vibration gear coupling and stopping time?

a: the reasons of the straight line module and stopping time vibration and the solution is as follows:

1, set by servo planetary gear motor, the deceleration time too fast lead to slide the setting time when positioning and inertia is big, this will cause dithering phenomenon.

solution: adjust the deceleration time, deceleration time to adjust to the appropriate numerical ( Reference: screw gear coupling to add and subtract to zero. 3 s, synchronous belt gear coupling set zero acceleration and deceleration. 5S) To solve the problem.

2, linear module inside of straightness error of the ball screw is not enough, cause there was a powerful rotating centrifugal force, caused by vibration.

the solution: remove the ball screw for straightness correction or replacement.

3, servo planetary gear motor is too rigid, also affect the occurrence of resonance, the resonance will accompany the cacophony of whistlers, better resolution.

solution: will the rigidity of the servo drive parameter is set to an appropriate size, avoid by all means can not be too big or too small, circulation gradually to set until it is right.

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