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Very long straight line module factory _ high precision linear module _ linear guide rail module price quotation

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
Homemade linear slide seat module with Taiwan linear slide unit module what are the difference between the

homemade linear slide unit module technology level in the market already very mature, accuracy, speed and stability, can completely meet the needs of different industry automation; Domestic manufacturer is linear sliding mode group. Basic are imported high-end positioning of the factory configuration, such as navigation automation, USES Japan THK silver/PIM guide or Taiwan, Taiwan TBI screw accessories, ensure the quality of the linear slide unit module, and derived from Japanese technology and strict detection means, quality you can imagine.

Taiwan brand linear slide unit module, everyone is familiar with silver, TOYO, SATA, etc. , as the market demands, a lot of Taiwan or other foreign brands have also opened factory in China, all products imported pure rarely now. Basic materials are imported from Taiwan, the domestic processing, domestic assembly, their products actually points for at least two levels. Although brand origin is Taiwan, in Taiwan also have factory supply market customer demand, but the goods for your domestic customers are not necessarily pure Taiwan imports, because they supply domestic customers mainly domestic factory production, we as domestic linear slide unit gear coupling manufacturers, with years of experience, to know that some customer feedback, something to Taiwan brands actually with some domestic brands, with imported parts assembled out of product quality. There may be some details of the difference, but the price is expensive and the Taiwan one of the features of a brand.

homemade linear slide unit gear coupling and Taiwan brand linear slide unit module that the difference?

  1) Taiwan brand linear slide unit gear coupling must be better than the price of homebred expensive; The seven - of pilot is brand in Taiwan Eighty percent price;

  2) Taiwan's brand linear slide unit module generally longer than domestic delivery; Imports of 15 30 days the goods time, domestic general 7 - 15 days;

  3) Production technology of linear sliding table module in detail, specific conclusions different brand, this to redefine the linear slide unit module take after gaining a thorough understanding, to know the gap between them;

  4) After-sales service, imported linear slide unit module fixed service cycle, need to find agents to manufacturers, replacement cost is higher, domestic manufacturers & other; On-call & throughout; Can more effectively realize the personalized custom services for industry;

  5) Homebred brand products supply stability, will not be affected by other factors such as external factors or policies.

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