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Very long straight line module handbook which good _ _ high precision linear module of longmen linear module mute

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
Ball screw uneven wear should be how to deal with?

ball screw factory is the right thing all ball should be replaced immediately. The method is according to the requirements of the standard and precision grade bought 2 ~ 3 times the number of ball bearing, using micrometer to measure all the ball, and grouped according to the measurement results, and then select dimensions and shape public servants are allowed within the scope of the ball, for installation and preload adjustment. The precision of the ball and the regulation of scales should comply with the rules.

ball screw nut in the spiral groove for wear serious loss of accuracy, generally by precision grinding groove ability recovery. Lead screw and nut shall be grinding together, replace all the ball after grinding, preload adjustment after installation.

before grinding to thread rolling road to cross section tooth type parameter correction calculation. Either single or double circular arc groove rolling screw pair, generally choose double nut structure after grinding, help to eliminate the axial gap and preloaded. For grinding the raceway arc radius ulnar increased, so the ratio R/rb also will increase, the load can be decreased.

contact Angle meter is better than the original increased, therefore, under the same axial load will be bigger radial load, kneading ball pressure, and then reduce the screw become old, yea, this should be attention

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