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Very long straight line module _ high speed precision linear module _ precision linear guide rail module manufacturers

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
Straight line module is a kind of linear motion of the mechanical equipment, mainly in the industry to do is to replace artificial to complete some simple operation, and straight line gear coupling have also some disadvantages of artificial operation, need to consider when using to complete this action, how much strength, the speed of the need to achieve much, also is the precision of the linear module, load, speed, this is we need to consider in straight line module selection.

straight line module

straight line module as a linear motion device, also need to drive equipment to drive, to complete the whole module. As straight line gear coupling main driving equipment, believe that people familiar with the industry well know, and choose a different motor as a straight line module driver device, also will affect the precision of the linear module, load, speed, these factors.

general optional linear module of motor stepper motor, servo planetary gear motor and stepping servo motor, the control mode is similar, but in the use of performance and application scenarios have certain differences.

servo planetary gear motor in many performance is better than the stepping motor. Such as the demand of high precision, fast speed, and large load under the condition of use servo motor, but in some occasion not high demand optional step motor.

in general in the process of the design of the control system to a comprehensive, with consideration of many factors such as cost control requirements, choose the proper control motors.

straight line gear coupling can be servo motor drive stepper motor driver. Because of the speed, precision and other conditions and decision.

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