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Very long straight line module load cross slide module custom _ _ linear guide module device

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
for all USES the alveolar structure, used to guide the lines of magnetic force, reduce the magnetic resistance, groove used for winding Mosaic and cross-linking with the magnetic field lines in the tooth, teeth and slots of different magnetic conductivity make the rotor in different locations has a number of lines of magnetic force, the magnetic pole on the position of the stator tooth, ferromagnetic attraction that hindered the rotation of the planetary gear motor rotor, it is called the cogging effect and the cogging torque of the motor.

while in the existing motor design and manufacturing can take appropriate measures to reduce the cogging effect, but to remove the cogging torque, in the existing motor structure is impossible. The cogging effect increased the starting resistance of motor, also makes the planetary gear motor run unstable, will reduce the efficiency of the machine.

the cogging torque was caused by rotor permanent magnet magnetic field interaction on the teeth of the stator core slot, torque produced in the circumferential direction. The torque has nothing to do with the current of stator, rotor position in some way to try to position it. In variable speed drive, when the torque frequency in accordance with the mechanical resonance frequency of the stator or rotor, the cogging torque of vibration and noise will be amplified. The existence of the cogging torque is also affected the motor speed control system in the low speed performance and high precision positioning in the position control system. The method to solve the problem of the cogging torque ripple are mainly concentrated on the optimization design of motor ontology.

KGG core tablet motor and KGG coreless motor is U can fight the cogging effect in the two linear planetary gear motor.

KGG provides a core tablet motor output per unit volume. They adopted the alveolus effect of good resistance to solutions, a large extent reduce the cogging effect, all of this without tilt magnets. Them small, low suction, suitable to replace a lot of coreless application, produced by motor thrust makes its acceleration and mobile keep rigidity in the manufacturing process of high quality and ideal choice. Have core motor built-in efficient cooling system, can effectively restrain temperature rise. They advanced the cogging effect suppression technology, a large extent reduce the cogging effect. They have big thrust, the prominent characteristics of the thrust fluctuation is small, is widely applied in the overload of precision control system.

KGG coreless u-shaped slot motor without winding, this means that the movement of the lighter quality, there is no other gravity between coil components and magnetic circuit, the zero cogging effect. These characteristics of coreless motor is suitable for the need to very low lose bearing friction, light load, high acceleration and super-low speed under constant speed motion requirements.

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