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Very long straight line module manufacturers _ high precision linear module use _ longmen linear module control

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-20
We live in a world, although a lot of things are different, but there are a lot of boring things. In the face is not the same thing when we can have a lot of enthusiasm, but the same thing, repeated indefinitely, always can let a person to collapse. In order to solve this kind of circumstance happening, clever engineers through continuous learning and experience summary, invented something called linear gear coupling, can help us solve the boring things.

according to the concept of linear module, we can clearly know, linear module is a electric drill speed reducer called the linear motion of a general designation, so linear module itself is divided into many different types. So want to solve their problems in daily life or work, must want to understand a problem is that different linear module, how to distinguish.

in order to let everyone can better distinguish different linear module, then to introduce the characteristics of the linear module, want to know after characteristics can easily distinguish different types of linear module.

generally linear module is a small precision mechanical design, including the ball screw and slide guide produced by two components, the main features include the following points. The first characteristic is that the precision of the type of the linear module at the time of installation and maintenance is very simple, the main reason lies in the structure of this type of linear module is very light, and the volume is small, so the whole machine is light in weight. The second characteristic is that the accuracy of the precision linear modules are between 3 micron, so just can be more at ease when using, such as applicable to the military field, precision must be guaranteed. The third feature is high speed, linear modules in the process of running fast, for example in car production in the process of repeatedly spray paint and other auto parts production, can be done quickly, greatly accelerate the project production and machinery manufacture and design process. Of course there are many many characteristics, such as reliable as well as the design unique, and so on.

in addition to this is another type of linear module, believe that through the above linear gear coupling has been introduced for the first to know! Hope that through the above features can help you good to distinguish between different types of linear module.
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