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Very long straight line module mute _ _ cross slide module company linear guide module application

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
Linear slide rail manufacturers recommended linear guide if you want to get a better machining accuracy and maintain its performance characteristics, are critical to the dominant way of dust. For the class accuracy high mechanical components, any dust and impurities result in poor condition, it can destroy the whole linear motion system, so as to shorten the service life. So, about the linear slide rail dustproof work again have what good Suggestions? Small make up simple explain for everybody.

in the first place, without the use of sealing element, linear guide system because of its easy to let the dust and impurities exist some gaps in the loophole, so if you want to make the whole system in a sealed state, will need to use the sealing gasket to give up the gap. Due to the selection of sealing gasket has certain standards, and not ordinary material, on the contrary, used to make linear guide linear gear coupling of sealing gasket materials must be professional rubber materials, then made into clean ring. Rubber gasket has biggest advantage lies in its strong flexibility and elasticity coefficient is very high, although its production cost is much higher than ordinary plastic gasket, but it is used as a gasket can leave any gaps.

second, the use of the dust cover is to have the good effect on dust, now used by enterprises in the dust cover basic it is designed for two kinds of bad environment and normal work environment. In harsh environments using the dust cover softness is very good, it can be free of scale, to cope with different machine tool structure. Another type is a professional dust protector, main is to prevent the dust near linear slide rail.

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