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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
Linear guide manufacturers to remind should pay attention to when slider to replace

( 1) Remove the motor on both sides of the baffle

open baffle when need to pay attention to the optical fiber, to should take put down gently, avoiding broken fiber.

  ( 2) To check whether there is debris on planetary gear motor

need timely cleaning and planetary gear motor in the debris and other foreign material, and wipe clean planetary gear motor and guide.

  ( 3) Dynamic walking with your hand lightly in the arm, check the guide rail slider

(1) resistance under the condition of big, need to clean the guide rail slider, walking arm with cotton cloth to wipe guide rail, clean finished, use WD40 as auxiliary detergent cleaning guide on the edge of the foreign body.

2. After cleaning, the edge of the hand on the rail, slowly to the same direction, check whether guide rail wear, need to pay attention to when finger feel burr checked, the likelihood is guide rail wear, at this time, walking slowly push the arm with the hand, see the slider here is resistance is bigger, walking arm is very difficult to push. Under the condition of resistance is larger need immediate replacement of guide rail.

3. When wiping motor, attention to the motors that have small marbles, if find marbles, need to clean, and change the slider.

(4) to promote walking arm gently, sound, when listening to the slider sliding friction if sound is very big, you need to change the slider.

5. Check the air gap, the motor stator and rotor are consistent and inconsistent to cause a decline in the service life of guide rail and slide block. Need to adjust.

6. Observe the slider marbles it fits the guide groove.

  ( 4) After will be prepared for the slider apart, as found on the slider rail slowly pushed to motor on the guide rail and slide block gently push into the guide rail. A new slide block into the guide rail, according to the slider sliding around. Until the new slider on the guide rail, easily without resistance

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