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Very long straight line module size cross slide module manufacturers _ _ linear guide rail module selection

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
Active chemical industry in recent years the development of the diffusion, linear module is widely used in various industry category, there are some equipment at the time of debugging is to present the status of the jitter, then what makes its jitter in work? What shall we do for the countermeasures to prevent its onset jitter. Straight line module, shaking a few reasons and matters needing attention

& emsp;   1. driver debugging inappropriate

& emsp;   After a lot of people get a straight line module, gear planetary gear motor, directly under the drive of the motor directly, then ignore the motor drives the internal parameters set good questions, is the cause of such adverse consequences in straight line module in the process of movement jitter. So before using, we need to adjust the parameters of the motor drive, until the linear module operation safe.

    2. Choose good product lead matches the

& emsp;   In the process of using the module, some people will ignore the straight line module lead whether appropriate, ask its work speed, but small, choose good product lead to assume its rigid share decline. So if a straight line module lead is small, we want to reduce the speed of the motor, can make its safe operation.

    3, the product itself quality problems

& emsp;   There are some customers in order to save costs, blindly seeking cheap to buy defect products, personal feel think about. They say a penny a points goods, the price is cheap, products also is likely to have problems, there are some manufacturers produce product details of the work does not reach the designated position, will directly affect the normal use of the straight line module.

    4. Equipment problems

& emsp;   Some products is not the same as the internal structure, without the device in accordance with the normal installation process to devices, debugging does not reach the designated position, lead to linear gear coupling operation is not smooth, jitter. Thus we can by hand to push the slide in front of the device, look to whether safe operation, if safe, let's reinforcement, if produce jitter, also can directly contact the original factory processing.

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