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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
Precision ball screw in our country to realize high speed problem to be solved in the

1 raise the level of technology and manufacturing quality is the key to the high speed

the key working procedure of the production process to realize CNC, including CNC turning center, CNC screw grinding machine, CNC internal thread grinding center, CNC medium frequency quenching equipment, etc. CNC screw grinding machine not only can obtain high precision lead, the dividing precision of the double thread, can automatically compensate caused by grinding wheel wear screw pitch diameter size changes, and this is precisely the transmission requirements within the whole trip pre-tightening torque stiffness and stability are required. Ball nut on the CNC internal thread grinding center once installation is complete internal thread race and fine grinding for assembly base, and this will greatly improve the installation precision of screw pair on the host, make high speed transmission more smoothly. Adopts CNC grinding wheel corrector or king kong roller for large helix Angle of the double circular arc tooth profile to correct, and can obtain high accuracy of raceway section shape, the ball and the raceway adaptable fr in the best state, thus improve the contact stiffness, improve the ball in the fast scroll of fluency. If the thread rolling polishing or ultra lapping, raceway surface roughness can reach feet Ra0. 04 ~ 0. 08µ M, ball and raceway alignment can be improved by about 20%, can greatly reduce the noise of the high-speed run time, increase the fatigue strength.

in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the high speed operation, should start from the cold and hot process strictly control the quality of products, and the first thing to strictly control the quality of raw materials, the second in the whole process of hot and cold processing implementation & other; Small deformation no crack & throughout; Process. Adopt CNC medium frequency quenching process can meet the requirements of hardness and depth of hardening layer, still can reduce bending and axial deformation in the process of quenching, the screw length on the uniform hardness. On the light ball nut Vacuum) Hardening not only can reduce the deformation, avoid quenching crack tendency, also can improve the quality of the hardening layer, improve the fatigue life.

for hollow ball screw, the BAT chip in deep hole drilling and deep hole drilling in DF double injection system, can satisfy the high speed ball screw for deep hole of straightness, roughness and cylindrical coaxial degree requirements.

in order to improve the initial ball screw pair of contact stiffness, avoid the loss of prestressing force in the work, high speed ball screw pair after the parts assembly load running-in should be more strict than the general products, running-in time should be longer. Components surrounding the


high speed linear servo feed system is a system engineering. Screw pair of bearing stiffness and installed to improve the critical speed Nc precision, improve the running smoothness, to reduce the noise has the effect that cannot ignore. In order to reduce motion inertia, should reduce the quantity and quality of the moving parts, high strength aluminum alloy, carbon fiber reinforced plastics and other lightweight to high speed moving parts. The perimeter of the linear rolling guide vice, rolling bearing and so on also should meet the requirements of high speed. Flutters in high speed driven by servo planetary gear motor, ball screw vice shaft system to achieve high speed, high efficiency of the desired effect.

3 full testing means, strengthening experiment study

will add people to the WTO in our country, high-speed precision ball screw vice in China starts late, in the face of international market competition, product innovation, to improve technology level, product quality is good. Ball screw manufacturing enterprises to quickly change only pay attention to the product yield and output value, do not take the performance test and research of new products. Not only should the positioning precision of high-speed ball screw pair, noise, temperature, and ( Reduction) Speed, and so on carries on the experimental study on the dynamic stiffness, more efforts on the reliability of the experimental research, this is the key to occupy the market.

it should be pointed out, the ball screw vice IS03408 - the international standards 1• 2• 3 - 1992, our country standard GB/T17587. 1 ~ 3 In 1998 and other national standards, product reliability index were given. But foreign famous brand manufacturer has a complete set of product performance testing and testing instrument, in order to improve the market competitiveness of products, also made the above accepted standards of internal control standards. It is worth our using for reference.

the function of the ball screw pair from the original & other; Agile province can drive & throughout; To & other; Precision positioning & throughout; , & other; Big lead high-speed drive & throughout; To & other; Precision speed type & throughout; , is the product upgrading qualitative leap. In the field of the high-speed linear servo drive, when the price performance ratio, machining time and the proportion of empty travel time and the frequency of acceleration and deceleration, after comprehensive analysis, considering the energy saving and environmental protection, people pay more attention to the development of high-speed precision ball screw vice.

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