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Very long straight line module used _ high precision linear module specification _ linear guide module customization

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-17
Straight line gear coupling applied in all kinds of automation machinery and equipment, high repeat positioning accuracy. Guests consulting linear module when asked, however, stepper motor step will affect the location accuracy, because the error of the linear module will be accumulated, to a certain extent, will cause positioning accuracy deviation is too big, so when the stepper planetary gear motor step, how to calibrate the motor? Is the main reason for the module location accuracy deviation is too large, not out of step planetary gear motor, in general, there are few electric step beneath the opportunity.

when there is deviation need calibration gear coupling positioning accuracy, only need to put the slider to the output shaft by tight this end, readjust the linkage of shaft and belt firmness is ok. If the loss is tested to determine step motor, can be solved by the method: 1, to reduce the highest operating frequency; 2, raised and deceleration time; 3, to reduce the starting frequency; 4, he scores up a notch.

in general, linear gear coupling factory after quality inspection, when normal warranty is a year, and the normal use of synchronous belt module live longer, a relatively high performance-price ratio. As long as the factory quality OK, subsequent basic won't appear the phenomenon of positioning are not allowed to be used normally. If it is found that belt worn will change in time, want to tighten the loose joint shaft also, these

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