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What companies need to use linear module

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-30
As automatic and intelligent becomes the trend of manufacturing, linear module manipulator in the industry occupies a very important position, straight line module belongs to the most simple and practical industrial robots. Should be able to see it exists in many industry fields. So which companies need to use linear module?

1. High precision using the needs of enterprises

straight line module being intelligent mechanical operation, thus be able to complete the precision work according to the different requirements of operation, can accurate positioning and can be used for accurate operation, in particular, some enterprises for pallet demanding and precise operation, now need to straight line gear coupling manipulator can clog packed neatly and can accurately piled up and orderly.

2. Use high security requirements of enterprise

as a result of the straight line module operations are various gravity, layer number of live and it needs more high altitude, artificial operate not only large labor and security protection, such as pallet put instability or imbalance will be the accident not neat, straight line gear coupling through the design of the intelligent manipulator can according to the number of layers pattern and material of the weight of packed, straight and firm can not only meet the needs of enterprise security
3. Repetitive operation items of enterprise

straight line module due to is a kind of intelligent mechanical combination, so won't feel tired on the job, can perform various operations, the linear motion of the level of difficulty or gravity for a long uninterrupted work, but also has the efficient work and succeeded in the implementation of the enterprise without loss of human resources cost, can meet the demand of the enterprise operated repetitive use.
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