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What is the price of speed reducer gearbox ?
Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhenyu Transmission Co., Ltd. speed reducer is of higher quality at a reasonable price in the marketplace. The product is priced by many things including raw materials choice, investment in labour and technology, etc. We can guarantee the most favorable price.

Zhenyu Transmission is a dominant company which mainly manufacturing excellent types of motors. speed reducer series manufactured by Zhenyu Transmissioninclude multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. The product is resistant to fray. It withstands dry cleaning and normal washing without the problem of fiber breaking or loosing which finally causes fray. It, rated to an insulation class of F, can be used at a temperature of 155℃. This product has a wide range of applications, playing an important role in the industry. The product has good resistance to wear.

The operation philosophy of our company is to invest in talents. We hope to achieve long term talent sustainability, which is profitable to the company and beneficial in the effort to better serve clients.
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