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Which is Cheaper: Gas vs. Electric Dryers?

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-17
What\'s the difference?
According to the California Energy Council Consumer Energy Center, both electric and gas dryers have an electric motor that turns the drum.
The drum allows the clothes to roll inside when they are dry.
The difference between these two types of clothes dryers is the heating mechanism of the dryer.
The clothes dryer uses an electrically activated hot coil to provide heat.
In addition, almost all electric dryers need 240
To operate the voltage circuit.
The gas dryer uses a gas burner to provide heat to the clothes.
The gas dryer also needs a functional connection connected to your gas tube line and a metal hose to the outside to drain the exhaust gas from the clothes dryer.
The upfront cost of many modern homes has reached 240. volt circuit.
However, if your home is not equipped with one, a rough estimate from the Florida Bell inspection company suggests that the cost of each circuit may range from $300 to $500.
If your home doesn\'t have a gas connection to the gas dryer, then this could cost you $150 to $1,000 depending on the mitigation factor, according to Cortez Cate from all the experts.
Keep in mind that the price mentioned is estimated and your local electrician, plumber and gas company will provide the most accurate quotation for your home.
The money pool suggests that in the long run, a gas dryer can save you 15% more than an electric dryer.
It may save more if the gas dryer has the following features: If you do not have a gas connection to run the gas dryer and cannot afford the additional cost of installing the gas dryer, the best option is probably the clothes dryer.
If you find yourself in the process of renovating the house and there is no gas connection, take this opportunity to install one.
This way, when you\'re ready to buy a new clothes dryer, you have everything you need to buy a more energy-efficient, more economical gas dryer.
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