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Why to add stepping stepper motor drives

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-31
Stepper motor is a kind of induction motor, its working principle is the use of electronic circuit, direct current (dc) into time-sharing power supply, multiphase sequential control current, in this current for stepper motor power supply, stepper motor can work normally, the step is time-sharing power supply for step planetary gear motor drive.

the stepping drive structure:

the stepping drive circular allocator is part can be divided into two parts, the other part is power amplifier.

circular distributor; If receive three kinds of signal is respectively: the pulse signal, the direction of signal and off-line signal. Then the pulse signal distribution, to control the corresponding transistor conduction power amplifier, and then make the stepping motor coil electricity. From here we can see that the stepping planetary gear motor to operate so must input pulse, if there is no pulse, stepper motor is fixed, so we need a driver for stepping motor each winding electricity in turn. :

direction signal to control the AB power phase sequence, A minus B clockwise, B - A counterclockwise

offline signals: stepper motor stops, AB coil electricity, A phase to the function of electricity let to the locked rotor, the rotor can't move, need to touch the rotor, need to offline signal, power AB phase winding completely, the rotor in A state of free rotation.

stepper motor, stepper drives, and the connection between PLC:

stepper driver must first external 24 ~ 28 v dc power supply, one end to the stepper motor, the other end as the input signal is the control signal, the structure of the stepper motor to accept external signal is adopt photoelectric isolation, such as: PLC pulse signal to drive the internal, we only need to make to make PLC pulse can produce Y0 constantly connected and deadline.

when Y0 conduction of electric current to flow from the CP + inside, through the current limiting resistor, a diode, after CP - again , and then through the COM port back to the power of the negative side, thus form a loop. So the light emitting diode conduction, the transistor will be conducting will generate a high level 1, if the deadline can produce a low level 0. So when Y0 constantly connected and the globe, and by this circuit can send pulse from the external electric drill speed reducer in the drive. Then circular distributor received the pulse, the pulse signal distribution. Control of step motor winding, in turn, have electricity. So when stepping motor rotation must have a pulse, if there is no pulse, the stepper motor will be in a stopped state. The same goes for the direction of signal and decoupling signal.

what is stepping drive subdivision?

in order to improve the accuracy of stepper motor control, now stepping drive has the function of the segment, the segment, is through the method of drive circuit minish the interval Angle. Split step drive is set to 5, for example, assume that the original step away from the Angle of 1. 8° Then set it to 5 after segmentation, step Angle is zero. 36° 。 That is originally can step through, set subdivided need take five steps.

setting segment to pay attention to matters:

1, the general case, the fine fraction can't set too much, because in the case of control pulse frequency constant, segmentation, the greater the motor rotate speed is slow, and the output torque of the motor.

2, driving a stepper motor pulse frequency can't is too high, generally no more than 2 KHZ, otherwise the motor output torque decrease rapidly.
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