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Will Zero\'s New $20K SR/F Ebike Raise The Performance Bar Too Far Above Harley\'s $30K Livewire?

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-18
It\'s spring, and in search of the Sun, the new electric motorcycle seems to pop up like a dandelion, and Zero, the veteran electric bicycle maker, is no exception.
CEO Sam Paschel said he believes the timing of their new SR/F is critical when it is still
The emerging electric motorcycle market, with the release of the new machine at the end of last month, he hopes to attract more and more electric motorcycles to debut, including (surprise! )Harley-
Davidson, a new machine from lightning, a city --
Dedicated bike from the new entrance Fuell, supervised by the moto engineering icon Erik Buell.
Zero played several rounds with SR/F in a promotion to take the new street fighter-
Style bike, it has more powerful, wider, more modern aesthetic and more technical features than beforetier machines.
\"We have created the most transformative motorcycle experience in the world,\" Paschel told Forbes . \".
Of course, the SR/F debut is in the glow of livewire bike, the eagerly awaited electric motorcycle from the most unexpected manufacturer Harley
Davidson is best known for his bike, which evokes a wave of nostalgia rather than cutting --Technology ()
There is a fair amount of cutting, though.
Edge technology working in modern Harley).
Livewire ebike will be available on August, when there will be more (
And the cost may be lower)
Model to follow.
The price is less than $30,000 a dollar.
This is an unusual move for normally conservative Harley
Davidson, but the decline in sales has forced companies to take a serious look at their products, demographics, and the inevitable future of electric vehicles.
The Livewire project has been in development for more than five years.
Zero has been producing electric motorcycles since 2006.
Paschel said that during the testing phase, when he was riding newSR/F, he and his marketing team were looking for a description of a new machine that best describes them, which uses
Drive single speed power system without shift and clutch workpowered bikes.
\"When we came back, we found it an effortless motorcycle,\" said Pascher.
Acceleration of unreal
\"Although the final performance of Livewire has not yet been disclosed, the H-
D. over the Zero SR/F figure, it has 110 hp, and perhaps more importantly, 140 feet HP.
Instant pound-on torque -
Much more than the current quality. market gas-
Harley motorcycle
Including Davidson.
The engine that makes a lot of torque has always been the hallmark of Harley.
Davidson for decades.
Standard 14.
The slotted 4kWh battery between SR/F frame tracks extends the city of SR/F to a highway of 160 miles or 80 miles or more traveling at a speed of 70 miles per hour.
A second battery, called a power tank, was added, making the city more than 200-
Miles mark and add some files to the highway range.
For city riders, this means it can last for a few days without charging.
As expected, braking activates the regeneration capacity of the bike and puts the juice back into the battery.
If you\'re new to electric motorcycles (
And electric cars in general)
, Highway mileage is usually lower than the city mileage, contrary to the natural gas mileage
Power car.
That\'s because of electric cars. SR/F included -
Use the \"generator\" capability of its motor (or motors)
When braking, the power is reconnected to the battery, greatly expanding the city.
On the highway, when driving at a constant speed, the battery is constantly exhausted.
Zero SR/Fis has two spec levels, a standard configuration of $18,995 and a premium of $20,995, which increases the speed of Class II 6 KWCharging function (and 13 pounds)
Zero loss will bring the SR/F to 95% capacity in one hour.
The standard model includes 3 KW mAh charging capacity.
Or you can plug it into the wall socket like a toaster and let it charge slowly overnight.
It actually costs a dollar and a half to squeeze the battery completely.
The performance specifications of the two models are the same.
When it comes to performance, the SR/F has a maximum \"burst\" speed of 124mph at full speed and a continuous maximum speed of 110, which is a suitable motorcycle by any standard.
The writer rides zero. powerful (74hp)DSR dual-
Sports were three times last year.
Fast, comfortable, very useful, fun and impressive numbers-
Every inch of a modern motorcycle without gasolineburning engine.
SR/F now improves DSR in several areas such as range, speed, charging time, and technical suite.
As with everything now, SR/F has an app that allows you to track performance, ride, and even set up users
A customizable, custom performance riding mode with other riding modes (
Ecology, streets, rain and sports)
, All of which can be switched from the handlebar while riding.
In addition, Bosch has introduced a new stability control system and a new customizable display panel.
Peshal said they had overhauled the bike\'s operating system.
Yes, we are here now)
And app to form a new technology suite called Cypher III.
The new system allows applications to get a wider stream of data and monitor multiple aspects of the bike, including charging levels, charging status, range, and numerous performance variables.
Riders can also change efficiency by using the app and even beat some rider assist features on the bike.
SR/F is now in production and passengers can register for a trial ride on the Zero website.
Forbes and Zero CEO Sam Paschel discussed in detail the development of the new SR/F and the current situation of the electric bicycle industry.
For the sake of brevity, the interview has been edited.
Forbes: How long has this bike been pregnant?
How close is it to your original vision?
Zero CEOSam Paschel: about two and a half years from early concept sketches to motorcycles launched from production lines.
The intention from the beginning was to build a bicycle with these abilities.
Like any project, you may encounter some \"scope spread\" where we are very ambitious and as we learn more and more, we have added new courses in the process, finally got a bike that exceeded our expectations.
For the first time in years, Zero took a blank piece of paper, not looking at the motorcycle we were trying to create, but rather at the basic experience of the rider.
The motorcycle is an extension of it.
We built a great bike.
Forbes: electric motorcycles can be almost any shape you want because you don\'t have the usual practice of \"fuel\" or battery placement or even engine placement.
But the SRF looks very similar to a regular motorcycle.
For casual onlookers or non-
It\'s hard to distinguish between riders.
While familiarity with aesthetics is clearly positive, this seems to be zero
Standard design for the future?
This is an interesting question.
You\'ll see a lot of electric concept bikes that are very similar to the \"iconic\" motorcycles we think today.
So this is what I think: When we first made the transition from a carriage to a car, the first cars were horse-free carriages.
They look a lot like the things that were pulled in.
Over time, the form of the object itself has really evolved into what we see today.
I think this is the evolution of transportation.
Surprisingly, the motorcycle community is traditional and traditional.
Exhaust pipes, pipes and other components of gas-
Electric motorcycle. .
None of these are here [on the SR/F].
The bike is a very simple power system, which is a battery and a motor on the surface.
We chose a street fighter, a naked sports car so that we can use a Plaid frame and put it naked to show you how much it is
We\'re not doing concept bikes.
We are making a bicycle, we have made the bicycle in the past 13 years, these bikes should ride in the world.
We pushed the design a bit forward as part of it, but we need to make sure it\'s considered a prototype of a \"motorcycle.
\"This kind of aesthetics will develop and you will see that we will go deeper and deeper.
Forbes: unlike previous batteries, the battery in SR/F is more of a core, though it\'s basically the case. . . a simple box.
How did the design details develop?
Paschel: I think the \"center\" of the bike is a very compelling thing to look at, from a design and aesthetic point of view, to pay more attention to what we do aesthetically and to enhance our
This design is particularly inspired by the front supercharger of Mad Max cars.
The car and the blower in front are almost a character in the movie.
There are lots of sketches and drawings of things that look powerful.
But we have a lot of heat conduction from the battery itself to the outside of the shell, which is a conductive material.
There are a lot of vertical fins there.
In addition to the beauty, there is a lot of heat there, which is a conductive housing that helps to extract a lot of heat load from the battery.
This has a real impact on our ability to dissipate heat and keep the entire power train working in the best way.
This is the real principle of kissing.
We have no clutch, no gear, no air.
So this is a simple, very reliable power system.
Forbes: other bicycle manufacturers have used or used liquid-cooled motors.
Don\'t you think it\'s necessary?
Pascher: our bike has performed well in history.
Liquid cooling means more complex, more parts, more things that go wrong.
We got all the performance we needed and very good high-
Heat limit.
It is difficult to reach the thermal limit one day away from the track.
We truly accept the philosophy of complexity and simplicity.
Forbes: there\'s some wind blowing in your news photos. Easy to do?
What kind of controls can the rider use
Can they shut down completely?
We have an advanced motorcycle stability control on the bike.
It is a combination of our operating system Cypher III and Bosch\'s advanced motorcycle stability control system that provides you with ABS, turn ABS, traction control, resistance torque control (
Similar engine braking)
There are 10 custom riding modes, 5 of which can be loaded at one time.
When you change these modes, the whole dynamics of the motorcycle will change.
But to achieve superior performance, to really get the most out of the power train, you need to combine it with mature control systems and operating systems such as Cypher III. [
Editor\'s note: ABS and traction control can be turned off after zero confirmation].
Forbes: We\'re sure you\'re all following Harley\'s Livewire --Davidson.
Why is the other big?
Scale of bicycle manufacturers (except Harley)
Should be dragging their feet?
City electric car market?
I can\'t tell you what they\'re thinking.
Our philosophy may be different from other brands.
What you are dealing with is the biggest disruption and transition we may see in our lives.
The shift to electricity will create a market that is very fixed in its market dynamics, who has market share.
It will make this flow in an unprecedented way.
On the other hand, you will have a $8 billion market that can be contested more or less.
In the absence of liquidity, you will have two different paradigms.
In this aspect of electrified, you will have a certain market share and a certain scale of business. on the other hand, these players may have a fundamental difference.
The question you have to ask is: would you rather be three years earlier or three years later in such a transition?
Especially considering that we\'re predicting S-curves (
Growth of market and development)
We think everything is linear.
To work here and become a zero investor, you must believe that it is better to be a few years earlier than a few years later.
There will be winners and losers on the electrified and other fronts, and we would rather have a few years in advance.
Now, the good news is that electricity has changed from something special to an inevitable feeling.
At this point in time, we \'ve had 13 years and millions of miles to perfect the control system for a seamless and reliable power train that performs in all corners: high charging status, low charging status, wet, hot, these issues are indeed challenging issues that need to be addressed.
We are in this magical place in history, and we have invested our time and energy to lead the world.
Wheel electric train-
Now redefine the high-end electric motorcycle on the market at an affordable price.
It is happening at this critical point of electrified.
Why have others not gone further in this regard?
They may misunderstand when this turning point is about to happen, or they may underestimate the challenge of solving these problems.
It is not easy to solve these problems.
Forbes: how is Zero?
What is your most popular model?
We sell 2,000 to 10,000 motorcycles a year.
We are starting SR/Fs in two shifts and have the ability to build 10,000 SR/Fs on our own for a given year.
We have been following the curve of a compound annual growth rate of 40% to 60%, so we are growing rapidly.
The market is essentially defined by two dynamics: the motorcycle market, which you know is basically flat to single
Digital growth, but still not back to pre-submarine levels
Major crashes in 2007 and 2008.
Then you have an electric car (
Electric vehicles)
Markets similar to our growth have exploded.
We are very lucky because we have been following the electric car curve, not the motorcycle curve.
Last year, we did not create a wholesale and retail record for this business for only one month.
I believe our biggest challenge now is: can we keep up with the demand?
The response to SR/F is overwhelming.
The challenge is how to accelerate in the face of the exponential growth curve.
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