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With the development of the hollow cup motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-31
The hollow cup motor belong to dc, permanent magnet, micro servo motor. Hollow cup motor has outstanding energy saving features, sensitive and convenient control characteristic and the stability of the operation features, as a high efficiency of energy conversion electric drill speed reducer, represents the development direction of the motor. Hollow cup motor in structure broke through the traditional motor rotor structure, USES a rotor. Hollow cup motor has the very outstanding energy saving, control and drag characteristics, hollow cup motor with brush and brushless divides into two kinds, brush with hollow cup motor rotor iron core, without brush hollow cup motor stator iron core. Hollow cup motor is now widely used in electric toothbrushes, medical equipment, household appliances, aviation model, manual motor, unmanned aerial vehicles, robots, electric toys.

the characteristics of the hollow cup motor mainly include;

1. Energy saving features: high energy conversion efficiency, its maximum efficiency is in commonly 70%, some products can reach above 90%.

2. Control features: rapid starting, braking and fast response of mechanical time constant is less than 28 milliseconds, some products can reach 10 milliseconds; The high speed of operation in the area of the recommend running condition, can be easily to sensitive to adjust speed.

3. Drag characteristics: running stability is very reliable, speed fluctuation is small, as its micro motor speed fluctuation can be easily controlled within 2%. In addition, the hollow cup motor energy density increased significantly, compared with the same power of motor iron core, its weight, reduce 1/3 - volume 1/2. Due to the hollow cup motor to overcome the insurmountable technical barriers have core motor, and its outstanding characteristics in the main performance of the motor, make it has a broad application field. Especially with the rapid development of industrial technology, the servo characteristics of planetary gear motor continuously put forward higher expectations and requirements, make the hollow cup motor has an irreplaceable position in many applications.
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